Fortune Favors The Cold

The temperature dropped to the low 20’s and snow was falling heavily but that did little to deter my sudden craving for pizza. A quick search revealed a place not too far from me called The Famous House of Pizza & Calzones so I bundled up and headed out. The walk there was less than fun but once I arrived I knew it hadn’t been in vain.

I tried two slices, their Margherita (which included prosciutto) and their deep dish. Both absolute beautiful examples of classic New York City style pizza.

20170107_152536 copy.jpg

But before we get any further can we just talk about the crust? Let’s talk about the crust. PERFECTION. I live for a perfectly charred, crunchy crust and they had it in spades.

20170107_153050.jpg    20170107_152808.jpg

But the crust was just the beginning. The Margherita was wonderful but the Deep Dish slice is what really stood out for me.
20170107_152934 copy.jpg
The sauce was perfectly sweetened and I’m not ashamed to say that more than once I took a few licks of just that. I should’ve have asked but if I had to guess I’d say they used basil in it. Anyways, when that sauce mixed with the crunchy, pocket filled crust and the mozzarella, my friend, you have yourself a little slice of pizza nirvana.

10/10 Would walk through a mini blizzard again for a slice.

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