Buon Italia

Creating a great pizza starts well before you get into the kitchen. As with all great dishes, it starts with the ingredients. To quote my vague memory of an episode of Chef’s Table, “Your dish can not be greater than your produce.” which is why it’s important to find the freshest and most authentic ingredients available. I found a great source of both at Buon Italia located in Chelsea Market.


The hills are alive with the sound of ‘om nom nom nom’

Every time I walk through the door I have to stop myself from performing a ‘Julie Andrews on the mountain top’ style twirl through their extensive selection of Italian fare. I’ve never been grocery shopping in Italy but I’d like to think it’s a similar experience to this place. Either way, breathing in deeply the smell of fresh Pecorino Romano as you catch bits of a conversation in Italian is enough for me to feel transported.

Experience aside though, this place is also a legit source for great, authentic pizza ingredients. Their cheese section is almost overwhelming, the cured meats are drool inducing, and their fresh mozzarella straight from Italy will give you a general idea of what heaven will be like. However one of the main reasons I go is because it’s the only place I know of that carries fresh yeast. It’s a tricky ingredient to find but to be honest, I haven’t tried too hard to find it elsewhere. Why would I when it’s the perfect excuse to return to this place time and time again?




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