The Bronx Little Italy

Last weekend I trekked up to The Bronx in order to visit what’s known as the “real Little Italy.” That’s right, if like me you thought LoLita in Manhattan was the only Little Italy in town you were sorely mistaken. Arthur Avenue is home to some of the finest Italian fare I’ve ever laid eyes on and while I didn’t have time to see and do everything I certainly gave it my best shot.

Full Moon Pizzeria

A friend had been telling me about this place for almost a year so it was finally time to see if I could trust his taste in pizza, and Brian, you did not let me down. Full Moon stands among the greats when it comes to classic New York style pizzas. They have a LOT to pick from but my recommendation is to stick with their thin crust options as that’s where they really shine. The crunch that came from my first bite of eggplant pizza was all I needed hear to know that this was one damn fine crust. And bonus, it was dusted with cornmeal which is a personal favorite of mine. Then they hit it out of the park by also having a perfectly balanced red sauce that was not too sweet, not too acidic, but just right. Then to top it all off they had a very friendly staff and a comfortably sized place to sit and eat. Long story short, don’t hesitate to stop in for a slice if you’re in the area. Or even if you’re not in the area.

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Casa Del Mozzarella

Ok, I know I tend to exaggerate when I talk about cheese but OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST MOZZARELLA IN THE UNIVERSE. No but seriously….it is. So if you’ve already made it to Full Moon then you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice/borderline self-destructive move if you didn’t head next door to check out Casa Del Mozzarella. The inside is a bit of a squeeze but they made use of every inch by literally cramming it to the ceiling with Italian fare. I was a little overwhelmed so I only got a ball of mozzarella and a jar of red pesto which means I will to live the rest of my life wondering what might have been if I’d also gotten some cured meats. But at least I had the mozzarella which overshot all my expectations. Where to begin? The creaminess is unparalleled. You barely even need to chew it. The saltiness was perfectly balanced so that each bite had just the right amount. Finally, the overall flavor was a whole new level. Normally mozz has a fairly mild flavor to it but this one tasted like they somehow squeezed two balls of mozz into one. Long story short run, don’t walk, to this place as soon as humanly possible and experience it for yourself. And pick me up some cured meats while you’re there!

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Trattoria Zero Otto Nove

And last but definitely not least we stopped by Trattoria Zero Otto Nove for some Neapolitan Style pizza. First off, this place is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, if you are looking to really impress a date definitely bring him/her here because this place has ambiance out the wazoo. Second, they also have a brick oven that makes dynamite pizza so obviously that’s what we got. My friend got the classic Margherita while I went with the Patate Salsiccia e Provola which is topped with sliced potatoes, sausage & smoked mozzarella. Both were great but my friend definitely was the winner with the Margherita. I should’ve known that after a full day of eating that a lighter pizza was the way to go but also, I thought mine would be more potato than sausage. I’m sure I’m mostly alone in preferring less meat on my pizzas but I digress. The crusts were perfectly charred and chewy, the sauce was tangy and best of all, the cheese was from none other than THE Casa Del Mozzarella. Overall a perfect finish to a day full of entirely too much food.

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