The Real San Francisco Treat

I celebrated President’s day weekend by turning off my New York Times push notifications and visiting a friend in San Fransisco where I had some truly memorable pizza.

Boudin Bakery is a SF staple known for their heavenly sourdough bread but they brought the best of both worlds together by creating a sourdough Margherita pizza. I recently failed miserably at creating my own sourdough crust so I was super excited to find one on their menu. Guys, it. Was. SO. GOOD.

The sweetened sauce perfectly balanced out the tangy aftertaste of the sourdough, the salty cheese beautifully melted, and they did not skimp on the basil. Every bite was nothing short of delightful.

This is going to sound pretty weird but the taste instantly transported me back to pizza day at my elementary school cafeteria. I can’t put my finger on what caused such a strong since of nostalgia but whatever the reason, Boudin’s pizza captured a bit of my childhood in every bite and it made me so happy I was practically giggling while eating it. Yup, still sounds pretty weird. The point is that this pizza is truly something special and as tempting as it is to just get their a classic bread bowl I highly recommend trying the pizza too.


I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include of pic of their devastatingly adorable Teddy Breads.

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