Eating Eataly

Another week, another Pizza Friday and this week’s religious pilgrimage brought me to the new Eataly within the Westfield World Trade Center Mall. For those unfamiliar with Eataly it’s a place where wallets go to die.

In other words it’s a giant gourmet grocery store/restaurant/tourist trap that contains high end food and ingredients from all over the world. It is a bit over priced so don’t head there for your everyday shopping needs but do stop by whenever you need a fun place to splurge.

And splurge I did at their pizza bar where I tried out their classic Neapolitan style Margherita. It hit the roof of my price range for Margherita pies ($15) but luckily the end results left little to be desired. An ALMOST perfect execution. The sauce was the highlight for me. Perfectly balanced and just the right amount. The only place it fell short was the crust. While it possessed plenty of wonderful little black spots it contained just a tad too much salt. Not enough to be a deal breaker but enough to make the $15 price too high for me. If you’re gonna charge me the same price as Roberta’s it better be as good and that is not an easy feat. That being said though, still a solid pie and if they shave off a buck or two (or tone down the salt) it will be the complete package.




Look at all that mozzarella. JUST LOOK AT IT.



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