Master of My Cheese Domain

I’m a control freak about everything and pizza is no exception. In fact, most of the time it indulges it. I love perfecting my sauce and crust recipes so I thought I could do the same with mozzarella but I quickly learned that cheese making is a whole other ball game.

ย Long story short, after essentially pouring $12 worth of high quality milk down the drain I decided that making my own mozzarella was just going to have to remain my white whale.




However I did at least get a second shot at getting it right by taking the mozzarella making class at the famous Murray’s cheese shop. I learned a ton not only about how mozzarella is made but also the history behind it and the different varieties. It’s important to note though that the class also offered a bottomless wine glass. Both red and white. So in case you were worried you wouldn’t get your $100 bucks worth out of just the cheese making part you’ll easily break even with all the booze and snacks.


Another thing to note is that they do not cover how to make the curds (which is where it all fell apart for me during my first attempt) butย that’s not really a deal breaker. As I learned the hard way the only way to make truly amazing mozz is to have access to fresh, raw milk and unless you’ve got a cow laying around you will have a tough time obtaining some. So as much as I would like to add ‘cheese maker’ to my resume I’ve decided to leave it to the professionals until I have enough outdoor space for a pizza oven AND Bessie.


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